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Full show

The broadcast team for this episode are Matt Striker and Joe Dombrowski.

The ring announcer is Tim Barr.

Opening Match: Women’s Featherweight Division – Gia Scott Vs Trish Adora

Match began with Scott running out and catching Adora with a big boot. Her momentum did not last long, as Trish Adora used power moves throughout the match. Adora hit Scott with her Lariat Tubman clothesline to pick up the win in her MLW debut.

Result: Trish Adora defeated Gia Scott via pinfall.

The broadcast team spoke about & hyped up tonight’s main event match between Jacob Fatu and Ben-K. This then led into a commercial for MLW Superfight on February 4th, 2023. Followed by a package showing wrestler Sam Adonis coming soon.

Next Match: Middleweight Division – TJ Crawford vs Alec Price

Match started with both men trading strikes. This match was a fantastic high intensity match where both wrestlers had moments. Crawford would land a lunging stunner off the middle rope on Price. Later in the match, Price would hit an an impressive double foot stomp from the top rope onto Crawford, who was perched on the middle rope. After quite a few near falls by both competitors, Price would eventually hit his prize possession kick to the back of TJ’s head to get the three count.

Result: Alec Price defeated TJ Crawford via pinfall.

List of upcoming live events were shown. Alicia Atout was back with MLW Insider news recap. Champion Alex Hammerstone then came down to the announcers table to join commentary for the main event.

Main Event: MLW’s Jacob Fatu vs Dragon Gate’s Ben-K

Both men started the match by sizing each other up. The crowd was into it, cheering for Jacob Fatu. The action started picking up when Fatu hit a triple springboard moonsault on Ben-K, who rolled out of the ring to the outside. Jacob followed him outside while the crowd continues to chant “Fatu”. Fatu goes into the ring with a chair and slipped off the top rope while trying to do a high flying move. Fatu was favoring his right knee, but was still able to continue controlling the action. Ben-K had a comeback by hitting a spear on Fatu. Ben-K then takes Fatu from top rope and hits a jackhammer for a near fall. This match comes to a close when Fatu hits a double spring moonsault to pick up the 3 count and the win.

Result: Jacob Fatu defeated Ben-K via pinfall.

Fatu grabs the mic and starts talking to the crowd in Philly. He thanks Ben-K, saying “he is one of the toughest cats!” Fatu hands the mic to Ben-K, who thanked him and the crowd. Fatu takes the mic back and talks about his family history and how he’s coming for the gold. He turns to Hammerstone who is still at ringside, and the program ends with them staring each other down.