MLW Undergrund Feb 28th n March 7th 2023

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28th Feb 7th March


28th Feb 7th March

Another action packed hour of MLW Underground Wrestling aired Tuesday, February 28th on Reelz TV.

Show starts with replay of last week when Davey Richards was beat up by Sam Adonis, masked henchmen, and then John Hennigan. We go right into the arena. The annnounce team calling the action are Joe Dombrowski and Matt Striker.

Alex King & Boyame Fight Club are on the ramp leading to the ring. Alex King has the mic. He says how the Bulldogs don’t want nothing to do with them, and what he intends to do with that Opera Cup. Music plays, Davey Boy Smith Jr & The Bellington Bulldogs come out. A brawl erupts on the ramp. In the middle of the scuffle, Smith Jr hits King with a stiff elbow to the jaw and lays him out. From there we go to the opening into the show.

Joe Dombrowski talked about the main event between Richards and Hennigan tonight. Clip of last week showing Real1 getting hit by car, as well as Mance Warner’s mug shot. Delirious and Abismo Negro make their entrance. Joe Dombrowski then announces that the Alex Hammerstone vs. Jacob Fatu match for the MLW Heavyweight Championship will be broadcasted on the March 21st edition of Underground Wrestling.

Mister Saint Laurent walked on stage and hyped up  Microman, who made his entrance with  his tag partner Lince Dorado. We then go to a video package that highlighted Microman.

Delirious & Mini Abismo Negro vs. Microman & Lince Dorado

MSL sat with commentating team during the match. Dorado and Delirious started off the match. Dorado hits a flying cross body from second rope. Microman and Negro both get tagged in for their respective teams. After going back and forth a bit, Delirious comes back in and goes to work on Microman. Microman finally gets a tag into Dorado. Dorado starts taking on both Delirious and Negro. While outside the ring Delirious pulls the top rope while Dorado was running into it causing him to fall to the floor. Negro returned to the ring and performs a dive from the second turnbuckle onto Dorado, as we go into a commercial break.

Back from the break, Dorado hits both heels with  a double cutter. A flash came across the screen, which appears to have something to do with the calling card group. Microman took hot tag from Dorado and delivered his 6.19’s on both opponents. The finish came when Microman rolled Negro into a pin and got the three count. The crowd goes crazy and chants “Microman”! MSL comes from announcers table and joins the babyfaces in the ring.

Result: Microman & Lince Dorado defeats Delirious & Abismo Negro via pinfall.

After the match ended, the lights went out and three attackers in gas masks (calling card group) made their way to the ring. They attacked Microman, Dorado, and MSL and left them lying in the ring as they go to a commercial.

We return to a replay from last week showing one of the masked gas men presenting Alex Hammerstone with a gift after his match, which contained a dead octopus. They then go to footage showing Alex Hammerstone as he drove up to a hotel. The cameraman caught up with Hammerstone who said Calvin Tankman was the first person targeted by the guys in gas masks. Hammerstone assumed that it was the Samoan Swat Team behind the attacks and told Jacob Fatu to do better next time.

Next footage aired of Mance Warner getting out of jail where some of his buddies were waiting for him. They give Warner a beer and he said that he owed them for bailing him out. They were pleased  in Warner being arrested for hitting Real1 with his car.

Billie Starkz vs. Kayla Kassidy

Kassidy attacked Starkz to begin the match. Starkz eventually rallied and performed a suplex into a bridge for a 2 1/2 count. Starkz then caught Kassidy in an electric chair position and drove her to the mat for the three count