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Here You Can Watch Raw 10/9/23 – October 9th, 2023  Replay Stay tuned with us to get more.

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On Monday, October 9, 2023, USA Network will air the 1,585th episode of Monday Night Raw. The show will be broadcasted from CHI Health Center in Omaha, NE. Our editor Antonio Rubio will give us the weekly report. Here is the previous one on watchwrestling

RAW billboard October 9, 2023

  1. Becky Lynch and Tegan Nox will have a Viking Rules Match for the NXT Women’s Championship.
  2. In another fight, Kofi Kingston will battle Ivar. Also, Nia Jax, who is very tough, will confront Raquel Rodriguez.

Raw schedules October 9, 2023

  1. At 6 PM, it’s night-time in Mexico City, Guatemala City, Managua, San José, San Salvador and Tegucigalpa.
  2. At 7 PM, it’s night-time in Bogotá, Lima, Panama and Quito.
  3. At 8 PM, it’s nighttime in New York City, Caracas, La Paz, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Asunción.
  4. At 9 PM, it’s nighttime in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Santiago.
  5. At 1 AM, the Canary Islands (Spain) are dark.
  6. At 2 AM, Spain is dark too.

How to watch Raw

  1. In the United States, the USA network is a favorite among viewers.
  2. In Latin America, many people prefer to watch FOX Sports on TV.