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On September 21, released several wrestlers from their contracts. One of the names that stood out was Dolph Ziggler. Although he doesn’t appear regularly on TV, he is a well-known wrestler. An industry veteran has since shared their thoughts on this news.

Legendary commentator Jim Ross talked about Dolph’s recent firing on his podcast, Grilling JR. He thinks Dolph might come back to the company in a different role. Jim Ross also praised the fighter from Cleveland.

“I’m not sure if he will permanently leave . He can fill many roles, not just wrestling. They are considering him for a role like Adam Pearce’s and I think he would do well in it. Ziggler is a star and a great conversationalist with a great appearance. I predict he will return to , but in a different role.”

He is a smart and respectful boy who has a good aspect. Terry Brisco recruited him as he was a strong fan with good work ethic. He is a rare talent and Triple H is likely to find the perfect role for him. This could help many companies as he has potential.

It’s great to have different interests, just like Dolph Ziggler who enjoys doing comedy shows. I’m a big fan of him and wish him success in his career. He’s worked hard for it, and I’m excited to see where he goes!

Ziggler joined in 2004. He worked there for almost 20 years and achieved many things. He won the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2012. He became the World Heavyweight Champion on Raw after WrestleMania 29. He was also the Intercontinental Champion six times.